Haute Shopping: At Brown Booteek in Tala Center

After seeing IG pics of their new summer collection, I decided to stop by Brown Booteek and see what I could get eager my hands on! I found the collection unique, varied and reasonably priced with a current promotion of 20% off….what more could a girl ask for :) So,  if you’re looking for casual chic or semi-formal outfits that are girly, fun and not entirely mainstream, then you must check it out. Below are some of my top picks and buys:


Love this Aztec/Tribal print dress…right on trend!


Photo courtesy of Brown Boutique


Awesome matching aztec/tribal cuffs


Ramadan is right around the corner & these gorgeous kaftans make the most stunning statement

Photo courtesy of Brown Booteek


Adorable royal blue number


Photo courtesy of Brown Booteek


Fell in love with this dress/top…which made its way home with me :)

And here it is again…has summer loving all over it!


Another version of it


I’m all about maxi skirts this season..silk chiffon maxi skirts that I picked out but they also carry many different models

Cute color block dress

Loved loved this blazer; classic but with a modern twist – the mesh back, but unfortunately was too big for me & the only piece left

Unique necklace


These serpent earrings caught my attention

Another piece that went home with me; beaded fringe necklace that is absolutely gorge!!

So tempted to go pick it up in this color too, it’s the last piece!

Cute dollie necklaces


Lovely cameo ring that I would have picked up but was too large for me


The hot pink neon beaded buddha necklace is the newest addition to my ever growing jewelry collection, so so unique, love!

For further inquires about Brown Booteek or to order please send a message or call (+965) 9999-2434. You can also follow them on instagram to get their latest updates here.

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