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Cheese Cake Factory: A “Calorific” Perspective!

Ok so moving on to address all my foodies and all the hype in K-Town  about the opening of the much awaited for (not by me though) Cheese Cake Factory. I don’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble but I just haven’t been able to jump on this bandwagon. Why? Because I have never been a […]

The 8 Weight Loss Commandments of Ramadan!


Ramadan is almost here and for many of us (who fast), these 30 blessed days can result in one of two outcomes; weight gain or weight loss. I have rarely seen anyone come of out of it looking the same 😀 Over the past few years, I started to follow a Ramadan eating strategy, which […]

App We Love: MyFitness Pal – Calorie Counter & Weight Loss/Fitness Friend!


I am absolutely loving this free app which I downloaded on my iPhone some weeks a go!! The main objective of the  “MyFitness Pal” app is to help you achieve your weight loss/fitness goals by setting and tracking your calorie intake for the day, according to your goals. You set up your profile with your basic info, height, weight, how […]

Event: BLS Weekly “Lose Weight” Meet Ups!


A while back I was looking for “Weight Watchers” in Kuwait but had no luck finding a chapter here. However, I just heard about a very similar program through the grapevine: “Lose Weight, Feel Great! Weekly meetings based on the world’s most successful healthy eating plan. We meet every Tuesday 6 pm to 7 pm […]

Review: Cabbage Soup Diet Days 6 & 7 – The Grand Finale!

cabbage soup over

So the Cabbage Soup Diet officially ended for me a couple of days a go, woot woot! The one diet that I was able to stick to for a whole week! Now, I did have a couple of slip ups here & there, but nothing major to be honest. So day 6 which was all […]

Update: Cabbage Soup Diet – Days 4 & 5


The weekends are always my most challenging times when I’m on a diet, how does one resist popcorn at the movies, or breakfast & brunch gatherings or those summer time BBQs?!  Surely you knew this would lead up to the fact that I messed up yesterday (all chicken & tomato day) and had popcorn at […]

Update: Cabbage Soup Diet – Day 3

cabbage soup

Weighed myself this morning and lost another pound, woot woot!! So yesterday (day 3) wasn’t so bad either, it was the day you get to mix veggies and fruits (no baked potato though). Throughout the day I had cucumbers, a green salad, low fat fattoush salad, pineapple, papaya, a grapefruit, half an apple and half […]

Health Alert: Spray Tanning Can Cause Cancer

spray tanning

The widely promoted sunless spray tanning referred to as a “safe” alternative to outdoor tanning/sunbeds, may not be that safe after all! According to ABC News, a panel of medical experts from different fields claim that the active chemical used in spray tans; dihydroxyacetone (DHA), has the potential to cause genetic alterations and DNA damage, possibly leading to […]

Event: Complimentary Wellness Workshop @ Six Senses Spa, Missoni Hotel on June 14th

Get a chance to meet some of the best and world-renowned experts in at Six Senses Spa’s Free Wellness Workshops. From osteopaths, spiritual and energy healers, transformational coaches, Reiki masters and hypnotherapists to sleep specialists. The Six Senses Spa at Missoni Hotel is holding their last workshop for the summer tomorrow: Thursday,  June 14th 5:00 pm  […]

Controversy: Things that make you go hmmm..Sunscreen?!


My good friend recently introduced me to Dr. Anne Louise’s blog (renowned author of “The Fat Flush Plan”). Although she some of her opinions are quite controversial and she is not a medical doctor, she is very popular amongst the wellness & health gurus/community due to her predisposition to natural alternatives. Dubbed as the “toxins […]

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