About Me

Fashions Fade. Style is Eternal”

Yves Saint Laurent


Welcome! An Arien style and fashion hobbyist; Mar is addicted to fashion magazines, beauty salons & products, online shopping, shoes and traveling. She created Haute ID to capture and translate her style obsessions into a one stop online fashion and lifestyle magazine, providing an intimate and personalized view of all the style scoop for fashionistas.

Mar has a clear understanding of the predicaments women face in their day-to-day style and beauty quest. In a busy world full of endless information and products, this blog aspires to diarize her personal discovery journey, with the hope of simplifying yours, by filtering all the information and providing all the right short cuts!

Presenting the style trends she likes, beauty tips, product reviews, online shopping deals and reflections into the life of a stylish woman, Mar would also love to learn from you too. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments and to share your feedback on the site.

Contributions and Submissions

If you have any ideas about new retail destinations, trends, designers, or any  relevant news, please email me at: hauteid@gmail.com

Submissions are welcome and will be published on the site. Please include images in your submission email.

After all, a style nation is not based on a one-way obsession, it is a constantly evolving sphere where sharing is key!

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