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Quest for the “Perfect Pair of Jeans” – Part 1


Jeans are a staple in any wardrobe and some of the styles have remained in fashion for years & years. Although some trends may come & go, such as the bell bottoms, the rugged look, the boyfriends jeans, certain cuts always remain stylish, no matter what the current trend is; the skinny and the boot […]

Spring 2012 Fashion Spotlight: Clinging on to Cat Eye Sunglasses


I really love the timeless glamorous look of anything cat eye, be it the eyeliner or the shades….talk about making a statement! Not only is it a timeless trend, the cat eye sunglasses with the defined angular ends have a slimming effect on the face by adding angles to the facial bone structure. We saw […]

“Secrets from the Sultan’s Harem” Fashion Show

This seems pretty interesting…..   A fashion show presented by Deniz Al Ghawas and the Kuwait Textile Arts Association, under the auspices of Al Sadu House, on the history of Ottoman Harem fashion and the contemporary style of Harem outfits. The presentation includes a fashion show of contemporary pieces from various Turkish designers and a […]

Wear those Red Jeans

Colored jeans have been on the trend list for a while and since Red is my favorite color (it is the Aries color afterall), I was on the look out for good fitting red jeans for some time. Almost every store/retailer carries them now, in styles varying from flares to skinny leggings,  but I am […]

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