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Kiss Those Split Ends Bu-Bye!

Split Ends

Ever since I started highlighting my hair a year a go, I have been paying more attention to my hair and going the extra mile to take care of it. Although I only use a very mild coloring brand; Joico – I still like to keep my hair in the best form that I can. […]

Emmanuelle Salon Review – Color & Highlights

Today marks one of my many successful visits to this wonderful salon; I walked in with 5 month old brassy highlights and walked out with a wonderful set of brand new highlights 😀 Emmanuelle is a relatively small salon tucked away behind Al Thuraya Mall in Salmiya, but there is nothing small about their client […]

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Perfect Lazy Day Solution!

Wow, no more greasy roots for me ever again!! I don’t know about you ladies, but I have oily hair that I used to wash on a daily basis (sometimes even twice a day). But over washing also overkilled my hair causing it to break off. I was advised by my dermatologist not to wash […]

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