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Hollywood 2 Day Detox Diet – Review


While I was living in Florida, I went to a diet & nutrition center in Tampa that had helped my friend drop over 30lbs in a few months. Not bad at all! So I paid them a visit to get on the plan and the way they did it was; they put you on a […]

Diet Food Centers: Review & Comparison

The word diet spelt out in vegetables on a wooden board.

I am a self proclaimed diet junkie, if you know me then you will know I am always on a diet, regardless of whether I need to be or not. You will also know that I have used a lot of the local diet centers in Kuwait to help me in my quest to lose […]

The 3 Day Diet – Review

Soooo, I tried this interesting 3 day diet and was quite pleased with it. Although its quite restricted and you will feel hungry the 1st day, it gets better on the 2nd day…and well, its only 3 days! If you stick to the meal plan EXACTLY, you are supposed to lose 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) […]

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